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Gigot Lamb Chops

Succulent and extremely tasty and tender, these gigot lamb chops will compliment any mid-week meal.

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Simply grilled, with a little rosemary or put at the heart of a traditional Irish stew. You can’t go wrong with these. (suitable for home freezing)

Price: from €2.00

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Winter Warmer Selection

A new selection of top quality meat at a great price.

  • 1kg Minced Beef
  • 1kg Diced Stewing Steak
  • 1kg Minced Lamb
  • 1kg Honey Cured Roasting Pork
  • 1kg Free Range Roasting Pork on the Bone
  • 6 x Centre Loin Lamb Chops
  • 2 x 8oz Striploin Steaks
  • 1kg Belly Pork

Price: from €75.00

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French-Style Rack of Lamb

This 8 bone rack of milk lamb is fantastic centre-piece for the table and a delicious piece of meat to serve to your guests.

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It is easy to cook to perfection. Try it with a herbed crust.

Price: from €16.99

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Centre-Loin Lamb Chops

These chops are cut thick by hand. This is the T-Bone steak of lamb and is delicious fried, grilled or barbequed.

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Try making a tasty and simple marinade of thyme, rosemary, garlic and olive oil. Coat the chops well and brown off in an oven proof skillet before roasting them in the oven.

Price: from €4.95

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Minced Spring Lamb

Delicious lamb mince for your favourite lamb recipes.

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Perfect for home freezing

Price: from €5.00

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Leg of Spring Lamb

For a gastronomic delight, which is easy to cook, and which will turn a Sunday Lunch into a really special occassion try this leg of Duhallow milk lamb.

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Great for freezing.

Price: from €30.00

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