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National Champion – Kanturk Black Pudding

A black pudding fit for a queen. La Confrérie des Chevaliers du Goûte Boudin, or the Brotherhood of the Knights of the Blackpudding awarded a gold medal and certificate in this major international competition in 2010. It was served to Queen Elizabeth at the state banquet in 2011.


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This is a traditional pudding which will make your breakfast complete or a meal in itself. Have you tried Black Pudding served with salad and cranberry sauce? It’s absolutely delicious and makes a fantastic starter or a light summer supper.

Price: from €4.00

Family Breakfast Pack

Set yourself up for the day with the McCarthys family breakfast pack.


  • 10 x Butchers Sausages
  • 1 x 220g Streaky Rashers
  • 1 x 220g Back Rashers
  • 1 x 300g Black Pudding
  • 1 x 300g White Pudding

Was €12.99 per pack

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The full Irish breakfast is famous the world over, we think this pack makes it just that little bit better. This pack contains some our award winning products and is suitable for home freezing.

Old Price: from €12.99

Price: from €11.99


Gigot Lamb Chops

Succulent and extremely tasty and tender, these gigot lamb chops will compliment any mid-week meal.

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Simply grilled, with a little rosemary or put at the heart of a traditional Irish stew. You can’t go wrong with these. (suitable for home freezing)

Price: from €2.00

Winter Warmer Selection

A new selection of top quality meat at a great price.

  • 1kg Minced Beef
  • 1kg Diced Stewing Steak
  • 1kg Minced Lamb
  • 1kg Honey Cured Roasting Pork
  • 1kg Free Range Roasting Pork on the Bone
  • 6 x Centre Loin Lamb Chops
  • 2 x 8oz Striploin Steaks
  • 1kg Belly Pork

Price: from €75.00

T-Bone Steak 12oz

Save 15% – these fabulous steaks were €11.75 each, now only €10

This is a classic that will leave you chewing at the bone for more. This is fine aged Aberdeen Angus.

Price: from €11.00

Big Value Box

  • 3 T bone steaks
  • 3 rump steaks
  • 3 fillet steaks
  • 4 chicken fillets
  • 4 T bone pork chops
  • 2 lbs sausages 2 different types
  • 2 packs rashers 2 different types
  • 1 black pudding
  • 1 white pudding

Was €99.00 per pack

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Whether your throwing a dinner party, or just want to stock up on some of your favourite McCarthys products. The McCarthys big value box is the perfect selection. Ideal for home freezing.

Old Price: from €99.00

Price: from €95.00


Gourmet Burgers

Ideal for Home Freezing.

These 1/4lb burgers  are made from the finest Aberdeen Angus beef. Packed in layers to facilitate home freezing.

Price: from €6.00

BBQ Chicken Wings

Marinated with our very own bbq recipe these double joint chicken wing are delicious in the oven or on the bbq.

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Great for freezing. You will have them ready for a barbecue in the sunshine.
1kg is approximately 16 wings.

Price: from €4.99

Honey Cured Pork

This is an award winning, lightly cured, free-range pork product.

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Great for roasting as it is or try it pot-roasted with prune juice and vegetables for a truly delicious change.

Price: from €5.50

Outdoor Reared Boned Ham

You will love the flavour of this succulent boned ham. Available green or smoked.

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Cooking instructions: Place in large pot of water. Add seasoning of your choice such as onions, apples, wine, cider, bay leaf, peppercorns, allspice berries and cloves. Cover and simmer for approx 40 minutes per Kilo.

Price: from €25.50

Carvery Rib Roast on the Bone

This succulent tender roast beef on the bone is the connoiseur’s chosen cut.  This is finest Aberdeen Angus Beef and is dry hung for 21 days, combined with the extra flavour imparted by cooking on the bone, this is surely the perfect Sunday lunch to remember.


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The ultimate Sunday roast joint of beef. Simply serve with roasted vegetables and home made horse radish sauce for a taste of sheer perfection.

Price: from €18.50

French-Style Rack of Lamb

This 8 bone rack of milk lamb is fantastic centre-piece for the table and a delicious piece of meat to serve to your guests.

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It is easy to cook to perfection. Try it with a herbed crust.

Price: from €16.99

Dry Cured Streaky Rashers

Delicious free-range streaky rashers.  Great for a crispy bacon salad, layering on roasting chicken or just in a sandwich.

220g pack

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Cured traditionally with no added water.

Price: from €2.95

North Cork Pancetta

Free-range and delicious in its own right; Pancetta can liven up a stew or sauce with its distinctive and rich flavour.

Sold in 110g packs

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Troy Maguire of Lock’s Restaurant in Dublin recommends its use for his delicious acclaimed meatloaf.

Price: from €3.49

Irish Farm Fresh Chicken Breasts with Herbed Bread Stuffing

Delicious chicken breasts wrapped in bacon and stuffed with herbed bread stuffing.

Price: from €6.40

National Champion Kanturk White Pudding

Delicious and flavoursome.  A white pudding that really is excellent.

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All our pork is free-range.

Price: from €4.00

National Champion Black Pudding by the generous slice

Award winning Boudin de la Creme by the generous slice.

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This pudding boasts a unique recipe which includes whiskey and cream to give it a sweeter flavour.

Slices are taken from the largest pudding measuring approximately 3 inchs in diameter.

Price: from €3.00

Diced Stewing Steak

Diced lean aged Aberdeen Angus steak.

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Top quality stewing steak. Perfect for those hearty winter casseroles.
Ideal for home freezing.

Price: from €6.00

Bramley Apple Sausages

NEW in the online shop

Delicious FREE-RANGE pork sausages complimented with Bramley Apple.

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Perfect with parsnip and leek mash. Ideal for Home Freezing

Price: from €4.00

Traditional Butchers Sausages

These outdoor reared pork sausages are a traditional staple for McCarthys. Big in flavour and made to a recipe that goes back generations.

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Award winning sausages with over a hundred years of tradition and experience behind them. These sausages will make your Full Irish Breakfast a cut above.

Ideal for home freezing.

Price: from €4.00

Irish Farm Fresh Chicken Fillets

Hand-cut fillets of delicious farm fresh Irish chicken.

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Jack prefers the skin on as there is more flavour imparted to the dish, but if you want the skin removed for you, we are happy to oblige.

Great for freezing.

Price: from €6.50

Ardrahan Cheese and Smokey Bacon Sausages

Our local Ardrahan Cheese has a wonderful rich flavour which melds beautifully with our high quality free range pork and bacon.


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Ardrahan cheese and smokey bacon sausages. These are a fantastic gourmet dinner sausage but aren’t out of place on a breakfast plate. Ideal for Home Freezing

Price: from €4.50

T-Bone Pork Chops

Free range loin pork chops with the crackling left on and cut thicky and traditionally by hand.  These succulent chops are versatile; grill them, fry them, bake them in foil with fruit,  braise them, barbeque them; whatever you do – eat them.

Price: from €5.00

Centre-Loin Lamb Chops

These chops are cut thick by hand. This is the T-Bone steak of lamb and is delicious fried, grilled or barbequed.

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Try making a tasty and simple marinade of thyme, rosemary, garlic and olive oil. Coat the chops well and brown off in an oven proof skillet before roasting them in the oven.

Price: from €4.95

Outdoor Reared Roasting Pork on the Bone

Save 10% on this wonderful roasting pork

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Roasting on the bone imparts even more flavour to this delicious cut of pork. For those that love crackling, this is the perfect cut, we supply it scored perfectly, so just rub in salt and roast. Start it hot and then reduce to a moderate heat. Top Tip – roast on top of cooking apples and use them to make a wonderful apple sauce.

Old Price: from €10.00

Price: from €9.00


Traditional Dry Cured Rashers

These succulent award-winning back rashers are a real treat and great value.

Sold in 220g packs

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Free range rashers cured the traditional way – without water or chemical additives.

Price: from €3.99

Farm Fresh Chicken Breasts stuffed with Ham and Cheese

Delicious chicken breasts wrapped in bacon and stuffed with ham and cheese.

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Great for home freezing

Price: from €6.40

Cherry and Oak Smoked Dry Cured Rashers

If you are looking for Smokey Bacon – this is some of the best you will find.  Traditionally smoked and cured free-range rashers that will truly tantalise your tastebuds.

Sold in 220g packs

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For a perfect gourmet starter, try wrapping thin slices of Cherry and Oak Smoked Dry Cured Rashers around sherry marinated scallops and water chestnuts, then grilling for 5 to 6 minutes.

Price: from €3.99

Steak Lovers’ Collection

  • 2 x (8oz) fillet steaks
  • 2 x (10oz) striploin steaks
  • 2 x (8oz) rib eye steaks
  • 2 x (10oz) T-Bone steaks
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All steak is cut from the finest Aberdeen Angus beef and dry-aged for 21 days to reach optimal maturity.

Ideal for a party or barbeque, this steak lovers selection will wow your guests.

Price: from €69.99

Fillet Steak 8oz

This prime steak is from the finest Aberdeen Angus cattle and is dry aged for 21 days. This is the most tender cut of beef and is ideal for frying.

Price: from €9.99

Rib Eye Steak 8oz

This succulent steak from the bottom of the sirloin is a favourite in the USA and Australia. It is ideal for frying and barbequing. The name rib eye derives from the cut “the eye of the rib”.

Price: from €15.50

Striploin Steak 10oz

This tender steak is dry aged for 21 days and is produced from the finest local Aberdeen Angus Cattle. This is the cut often served in restaurants as a sirloin. It is a boneless T-Bone steak with a more pronounced texture than fillet. For many steak lovers, this is THE steak.

Price: from €16.00

Outdoor Reared Belly Pork

If you love crackling this is the cut for you.

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Increasingly popular with leading chefs, belly pork is a real choice for those looking for a great value cut with fantastic flavour.

Price: from €7.99

Farm-Fresh Chicken Crown

There is nothing but the finest white meat on this farm fresh Irish chicken crown.

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Ideal for home freezing

Price: from €4.50

Minced Spring Lamb

Delicious lamb mince for your favourite lamb recipes.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

Perfect for home freezing

Price: from €5.00

Black and White Roulade

So you can’t decide between black or white? Why not try this delicious combination of black and white sold by the generous slice.


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Perfect for the breakfast table and great for a lunch accompaniment. Why not try it with a warm bacon salad, or serve with goats cheese and red onion marmalade.

Price: from €3.00

Steak Mince

Lean minced beef steak from aged Aberdeen Angus.

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Fine minced beef that is ideal for home freezing.

Price: from €5.00

Traditional Dry Cured Joint of Bacon

This is the traditional cure the McCarthys have used over 5 generations in three centurys – it works, it’s lovely.  It’s the ideal joint to cook slowly and traditionally in water and serve with fresh cabbage and floury Irish Potatoes.

Was €11.50 per Kg

Old Price: from €5.75

Price: from €4.75


Chicken Kebabs

Tender chicken breast kebabs with tasty peppers and red onion.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

Great for grills or barbecues.

Price: from €6.00

Traditional Corned Beef

Traditionally one of the staples of the Irish diet, corned beef is not from a tin.  This meat is cut from the “eye of the round” then cured to the family recipe and pickled.  This is delicious served hot with a white sauce and cabbage as an alternative to bacon, or served cold with a salad.

was €15 per kg

Additional DescriptionMore Details

Cooking instructions: cook long and slow – like a bad horse.

Old Price: from €7.99

Price: from €6.50


Whole Farm Fresh Chicken

A wonderful farm fresh chicken.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

Try with some of our traditional sausage meat stuffing for classic Sunday lunch

Price: from €10.99

Cherry and Oak Smoked Kassler

This is a dry cured smoked speciality free-range bacon joint that should be roasted, but can be boiled too.  This German inspired product is sure to leave you longing for more.  A Sunday Lunch with a difference.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

Serve with sliced fried kale and red onion as a tasty alternative to the traditional bacon and cabbage.

Price: from €5.99

Hard Salt Bacon

Traditional fare also known as “Hairy Bacon”.

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A traditional product in every sense of the word. “Hairy Bacon” was the staple diet of older generations. When the pig was slaughtered in the homestead, black pudding and hard salt bacon were the main recipes. The hairy bacon was cured in the barrel for four weeks then hung from the roof of the kitchen where it yellowed with age and from the smoke of the turf fire.

Price: from €7.50

Irish Farm Fresh Chicken Breasts stuffed with Blackpudding

Delicious chicken breasts wrapped in bacon and stuffed with our famous black-pudding.

Price: from €7.00

Savoury Beef Stir Fry

We use only the finest steak, thinly sliced, accompanied by fresh stir fry vegetables in delicious home-made peppery sweet  marinade.  This is a gluten free, low-fat product.

Was €15.00 per Kg

Additional DescriptionMore Details

Cooking instructions: you fry it and you stir it.

Old Price: from €7.50

Price: from €6.99


Gluten-Free Meatballs

These gluten-free meatballs are made from the finest Angus Beef complimented by the finest natural ingredients and herbs.

Fry them off and roast them with a fresh tomato and pesto sauce and serve with your favourite gluten free pasta.


Price: from €4.50

Tender Beef Grillsticks

Our gourmet beef burger mix on a kebab stick. Ideal for grills and barbecues.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

If the weather is bad grill them!

Price: from €2.50

Gourmet Beef Kebabs

Tender strips of sirloin beef on a kebab with summer vegetables.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

Great for Barbecues.

Price: from €6.00

Gourmet sausage grillsticks

Our popular gourmet sausage meat on a kebab stick is a must for any sizzling grill or barbecue.

Price: from €3.99

Juicy Pork Belly Ribs

Marinated Juicy pork belly ribs. Perfect when you hear them sizzling on the BBQ.

Price: from €5.00

Sirloin Roast in Red Wine Marinade

The ideal romantic dinner for two. This succulent roast is easy to cook and will definitely impress.  This tender cut is taken from the top of the sirloin and is marinaded in our own home-made red wine marinade.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

Cooking instructions: Place in a roasting tray to keep your marinade on the beef. Cook for 20 minutes per 500g. Baste with the juices during the cooking process. Leave to rest for at least 10 minutes before serving.

Price: from €15.99

Rolled Rib of Beef

Aged Aberdeen Angus prime beef boned and rolled for a wonderful roast.

Price: from €15.50

Garlic and Herb Pork Chops

Garlic and herb marinated pork chops. Perfect for grilling or bbq

Price: from €3.00

Leg of Spring Lamb

For a gastronomic delight, which is easy to cook, and which will turn a Sunday Lunch into a really special occassion try this leg of Duhallow milk lamb.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

Great for freezing.

Price: from €30.00

Guinness and Cider Spiced Beef

Some of the Best Spiced Beef in Ireland
This is the “smoked salmon of beef”. It is the perfect spiced beef to star in a salad or it will bring back memories of Grandma’s wonderful spiced beef.
National Champion 2008 Associated Craft Butchers of Ireland Spiced Beef Competition

Additional DescriptionMore Details

Cooking instructions: Ideally leave in vacuum bag through-out the cooking process. Submerse in a pot of cold water and slowly bring to the boil and then turn the temperature down so that the water barely trembles. Allow approx 30 mins per 500g.

Price: from €16.99

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