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McCarthy of Kanturk - Artisan Online ButchersBuying meat online is a new idea, but supplying quality meat is a tradition for McCarthys.

McCarthy’s is one of the most celebrated and respected butchers in Ireland. The family butchers shop has been supplying Kanturk with top quality meat since 1892.

When you order from one of Ireland’s finest butchers you are not only assured a prime cut from the butcher’s fridge but you are guaranteed value, convenience and the assurance that your order will be delivered to your doorstep in prime condition.

The choicest of cuts will be chosen for you after you select them, vacuum packed where possible, labelled and dispatched to your address within 48 hours in a temperature controlled insulated food box.condition. All the butchering and preparation techniques have been developed by this exceptional family over three centuries and five generations.

Orders over €100 euro are delivered free anywhere in Ireland.

Not only will you find amazing quality cuts, recipes, hampers and charcuturie but amazing value on a range of locally sourced free range meats.

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T-Bone Steak 12oz

Save 15% - these fabulous steaks were €11.75 each, now only €10

This is a classic that will leave you chewing at the bone for more. This is fine aged Aberdeen Angus.

Old Price: from €11.75

Price: from €10.00

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Carvery Rib Roast on the Bone

This succulent tender roast beef on the bone is the connoiseur's chosen cut.  This is finest Aberdeen Angus Beef and is dry hung for 21 days, combined with the extra flavour imparted by cooking on the bone, this is surely the perfect Sunday lunch to remember.


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The ultimate Sunday roast joint of beef. Simply serve with roasted vegetables and home made horse radish sauce for a taste of sheer perfection.

Old Price: from €17.95

Price: from €16.99

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Guinness and Cider Spiced Beef

Some of the Best Spiced Beef in Ireland
This is the "smoked salmon of beef". It is the perfect spiced beef to star in a salad or it will bring back memories of Grandma's wonderful spiced beef.
National Champion 2008 Associated Craft Butchers of Ireland Spiced Beef Competition

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Cooking instructions: Ideally leave in vacuum bag through-out the cooking process. Submerse in a pot of cold water and slowly bring to the boil and then turn the temperature down so that the water barely trembles. Allow approx 30 mins per 500g.

Old Price: from €17.00

Price: from €15.99

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Traditional Corned Beef

Traditionally one of the staples of the Irish diet, corned beef is not from a tin.  This meat is cut from the "eye of the round" then cured to the family recipe and pickled.  This is delicious served hot with a white sauce and cabbage as an alternative to bacon, or served cold with a salad.

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Cooking instructions: cook long and slow - like a bad horse.

Old Price: from €8.00

Price: from €7.50

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Cherry and Oak Smoked Kassler

This is a dry cured smoked speciality free-range bacon joint that should be roasted, but can be boiled too.  This German inspired product is sure to leave you longing for more.  A Sunday Lunch with a difference.

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Serve with sliced fried kale and red onion as a tasty alternative to the traditional bacon and cabbage.

Old Price: from €6.99

Price: from €5.49

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Irish Farm Fresh Chicken Breasts stuffed with Blackpudding

Delicious chicken breasts wrapped in bacon and stuffed with our famous black-pudding.

Old Price: from €6.40

Price: from €6.00

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